Friday, 25 January 2013

Homework - Week 1

A Six Year Old's Guide to Making Breakfast in Bed

1. Accidentally slam the bedroom door and wake the whole house up before creeping downstairs quietly and going into the kitchen.

2. Open the fridge and remove orange juice taking care to leave the door wide open.

3. Stand on a chair to reach the glass cupboard. On failing to reach select a dirty glass from the sink and fill with orange juice.

4. Throw a tea towel over the spilt juice.

5. Remove bread from the bread bin.

6. Decide not to use the toaster for fear of being told off by Mum.

7. Find butter.

8. Look for knife.

9. When you cannot locate knife use hands to spread butter onto the bread.

10. Remove the cheese from the fridge remembering to keep the door open.

11. Wisely decide not to use a sharp knife to cut cheese. Opt instead to break chunks off by hand and pile onto the slice of bread.

12. Put a second slice of bread on top of the cheese and squash down with both hands and whole body weight.

13. Carry drink and sandwich upstairs to Mum and Dad, ignoring spillages on the stairs.

14. Graciously receive praise and cuddles and watch them enjoying their breakfast.

15. Stick sticker on reward chart.

16. Ask when they are getting out of bed to make your breakfast.

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