Thursday, 3 January 2013

The girls on...the monarchy

To set the scene we have watched Mr Stink today...twice. We've also read a book which has a princess with a lady's maid in it. What follows is the sort of conversation we have in our house.

Tilly:  Is David Walliams really the Prime Minister?

Me:  No he wrote the book and is an actor. The Prime Minister is a man called David Cameron.

Tilly:  He's called David though.

Me:  Yes but it's not obligatory.

Tilly What's obligatory mean?

Me: Has to be. The Prime Minister doesn't have to be called David.

Tilly:  What does a Prime Minister do?

Me:  He's pretty much in charge of the country.

Tilly:  I thought that was the Queen?

Me:  Not really. She doesn't have much power these days.

Tilly:  So what's good about being the Queen then?

Me:  She's very rich and can have what she wants for dinner.

Tilly:  I know what's bad about being the Queen.

Me:  What's that?

Tilly:  Not being able to stop someone from pulling your trousers up for you even if you can do it yourself.

Phoebe: But I need help pulling trousers up. I can't do anything. Pants or trousers.

Hilton gold.

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  1. Brilliant idea - David Walliams as PM. Just think of all those Special branch men swimming down the Thames with him :)